Since 1990, VRA has provided a rapid, one-stop professional case management, assessment and rehabilitation service in concert with medical, psychological, health care and vocational specialists. Every client is an individual, entitled to a high quality of service. We reject labels such as ‘unemployable’ or ‘hopeless.’ Our goal is to identify suitable employment and productive activity.

Our clients require a high level of consideration and support in achieving their goals – whether due to disability, disadvantage or unanticipated circumstances.


Reva Katz-Ulster

Reva Katz-Ulster, MSW RSW, is the principal at VRA.

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Robert D. Katz

Robert D. Katz, RSW has spent virtually his entire adult life working it the field of labour and employment.

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Dr. Marie-Hélène Budworth

Dr. Marie-Hélène Budworth has been an associate with VRA since 1998.

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Milena Ariel Romalis

Milena Romalis has been an assessor, counsellor and research associate with VRA since 2004. 

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Susan Commins

Susan Commins is an independent accounting professional, and our bookkeeper. 

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Our professionals have 100% acceptance as an Expert Witness on employment, the labour market and vocational rehabilitation in courts throughout Ontario.

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