You’ve come to the right place. We are the original VRA. Do not be confused by organizations with similar trademarks.
Vocational Rehabilitation Associates, Ltd. has many imitators who call themselves VRA or something very close to it while having no relationship with us. VRA is our registered tradename.

VRA was founded by vocational psychologist, Dr. Shawn Scherer and vocational social worker Bob Katz in 1990 and has been incorporated since 1993.

In 2006, the Canadian Association of Rehabilitation Professionals [CARP] decided to rename itself Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada and adopted the tradename, VRA Canada, sometimes shortened to VRA. Although we felt this was an infringement on our trademark, Corporations Canada ruled that, since they were a not-for-profit association that did not compete with us the public would not be confused by the similarity in tradenames.

In 2011, we learned that Mr. Sean Fitzgerald, founder of Vocational Rehabilitation Assessments was using the tradename VRA. On reviewing our trademark registration, he politely apologized and discontinued this practice.

To this day, VRA receives referrals from sources that have continued to retain our services for more than 25 years.

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