What to Expect

A vocational-legal assessment will take approximately 2 to 3 hours.

The VRA assessment process includes paper and pencil tests and a thorough interview. This is a ‘no-touch’ assessment;’ there is no physical component. Clients are not rushed through a process but rather receive as much time as necessary. Our interview rooms are private and our assessors are not there to argue or accuse, just to understand. We encourage clients to speak candidly about their concerns.

It is important for us to know in advance if a client will require an interpreter or has health or family needs that will impact on their ability to remain for three hours. It is also important to know in advance of any mobility limitations.

The interview portion of the assessment will be informal. We will be asking about family background, schooling, work history, skills, and interests. We attempt to gain a clear understanding of our client, so we can appreciate their strengths and limitations. The goal is to identify realistic vocational options and a plan of action to achieve them.

When preparing an assessment for the courts, it is essential that the information in our report is fair and factual.

Clients should be prepared to provide as much detail as possible about their academic and work history. It is helpful if they prepare for the interview by making notes to help them recall:

  • When they finished school
  • Dates when they started and left each of their jobs
  • Specific duties, promotions, final salaries, reasons for leaving each job
  • Periods of unemployment, maternity leave, or absences from the labour force


What to Bring

Clients are encouraged to bring:

  • Résumés [formal or handwritten]
  • Tax returns
  • Academic transcripts
  • Letters of reference
  • Trade license certificates
  • Employment contracts or performance evaluations


If you bring an original document, we will make a copy and return the original.

We are retained to conduct Vocational Assessments throughout Ontario, in other provinces, and some of the United States.

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